What I wish I could say…

Have you ever just wanted to say something to someone for whatever reason but you know that you really shouldn’t? I own this site and I have something to say.

Have you ever wanted to say to a women with those ugly duck lips, “Do those hurt”?

When you see someone wearing pants that have holes in them you want to say, “Oh how did you rip your pants”? It is ugly and why wear something that is torn. Go get it fixed!

Tattoos those gorse, ugly, ugly, awful,  I can’t look at your tattoos. Really? You think they will be sexy in 5 years? I can’t wait until you get older and they get all wrinkly. Have you seen how they take them off? Do you really think they will go away? are you nuts? no just stupid!


Living in a Guard Gated Community or The “BOB’S” The real bitches of ???

It has been two years since I wrote this story about living in a guard gated community and with the many houses that have been sold taking with them people who needed to leave and bringing in fresh new people who have no idea what is ahead.  One neighbor that left after she poisoned the neighborhood of made up stories is gone and I must say. What goes around comes around. I have new neighbors that moved from another part of the this unique neighborhood. I think I may ask them one day if we have done something to make them so rude.

I happen to live in a guard gated community that has two beaches. This is a good hint. I married into this in 1990 so I do not have a choice and anyway I like my paid for house. When I first moved here I thought for sure that I could borrow a cup of sugar or an egg from my neighbors. ( you can, but only a very few) I thought that when you have a party that you invite the neighborhood kids to attend. I thought that you would be invited to their party’s. I thought for sure that when you walk around the neighborhood that they you would get a smile and maybe a hello. When people gossip about the truth maybe you would have a neighbor show up at your door and ask if they could help. When you go to the beach in the summer NO you can not just sit next to your neighbor. They talk behind your back and they are not very nice.  I am really disappointed in this close living but I do like my house. The rumors that start out as, ” did you hear”. Turn into the game of  telephone. The stories get bigger and bigger and bigger. How can people be so cruel? Many of the kids in this small neighborhood are attending private schools.  I am observing  these spoiled kids with few manners grow up. The kids that attend the so-called religious school are the worst. They are foul mouth and not very nice. We have had a few parent meetings about the kids that are rude and use the family golf cart as a weapon or think that your house would loved to be toilet papered . The parent I had to talk to once told me that “here son is a very nice boy and would never do that”  tooooo funny I showed her my photos from our hidden camera of her child stealing . Needless to say she does not talk to me anymore. Like I worry. The parents must be blind, or they use the church as a hospital. The kids that attend the local public schools are much nicer to the other kids and they look you in their eyes when they talk to you. They are exposed to kids that are very rich and very poor. My kids do not like the other kids in the neighborhood. One child told my daughter that she can not play with my daughter because she goes to public school.  The people who I have gotten to know through the years are really not mentally healthy. I attend the events that our sponsored and I hear them gossip about people that I am sure that they have not asked to find out what they are saying is true or not. They get drunk and really make a fool of themselves. I went for a walk just before I started this post and walked by two ladies who would not give me the time of day. I smiled when they walked by but I got the feeling I was in high school when the kids gossip.  I find the young people in there 30’s early 40’s just so darn phony. They are just wannabee’s??? All the kids in the neighborhood were raised by Nanny’s of stay at home mothers. This I will never understand.  They are giving unlimited supply of toilet paper to decorate houses. I live here and I will not be moving and I will continue to smile. When I hear something about a neighbor I will go to the neighbor and offer help. When a child comes to my door for a fundraiser I will buy something. I will be nice and I will not gossip. By the way I have noticed the much older people are still the nicest. I like living in Snooty Shores.

Why is underwear nicknamed “drawers”?

In the 16th century, drawers became a common term for both men’s and women’s underpants. Made of linen, the items were no-frills and looked more or less interchangeable (this being well before Victoria ever had a secret; decorative lace trim started appearing on the garments only in the middle of the 19th century).

Most likely, underwear earned this distinctly unsexy epithet because it describes the way that people put on their unmentionables — drawing them up and over the lower part of the body

Have women always carried purses?

Once upon a time, ladies stored their essentials in a little waist sack tied under their clothing (sort of an early ancestor of the fanny pack) and accessible through slits in their skirts.

Around 1800, thinner, silkier fabrics and slimmer cuts came into vogue, and women could no longer hide the bulging sacks around their midsections. The solution? They began carrying their belongings in small pocketbooks instead.

What happened to Trust?

Trust, isn’t this suppose to be what brings people together? This whole trust thing isn’t going very well, from hanky panky to stealing fortunes to the priest that we take bread from while kneeling in prayer. We all want to trust. You would think from what is going on in the world we all would be more cautions. But we are not. You trust the person that reads the Bible yet lies to you and asks God to forgive them. I think these people use the Christian schools and the church like hospitals. They are sick and hope to get well. Or the girlfriend you told a secret to and asked her not to share what you said. Then later you find out she told someone and what she told them was not true. You know that feeling of, “how could they”? Or remember the boyfriend that says, “I will call you tomorrow”. Or better yet, you trusted someone with your money and now it is all gone. Trust, do you trust the person that says they will never drink again? I must say I did trust and really wanted to believe in people but now I do not trust many people at all. Do you trust the police to tell the truth or to be on your side? I don’t! They are not your friend. They make mistakes. And they do not care to make it right. So who can you trust? How do you know when someone is telling the truth or not? After you get hurt by another liar how do you start trusting again. I am close to sixty and I am still learning about friendships. I let a lady into my life that used our family and tried to tear us down. Darn. I wish we could read someone like a book and know if you want to buy it or not.


Braille Restaurant Menus and Document Transcribing

Don’t have time to read this and want to order a Braille Award or have a document transcribe? Look here www.BrailleAwards.com or call (949) 631-5596 Awardpro@gmail.com

When the economy slowed down I needed to speed up my ideas. On my Birthday January 4th, 2009 I started Braille Awards and Menu transcribing. This so happens to be the day the Louis Braille was born over 200 years ago. I needed to find a niche that I would be passionate about. When my kids were in middle school they had a blind skier come to the school and talk about himself being blind and his love for skiing. They gave this remarkable young man a beautiful certificate…. but it was behind glass. I knew I wanted to create awards for the blind.  Braille transcribing has become a necessity. The most crucial fact of the matter is that visually impaired people cannot enjoy an independent dining experience without Braille menus and they can not feel independent if an important document has to be read to them. So this is what I do now. Well, I should say one of many jobs I do. This is what makes my job fun. I received a call from the Irvine Company to transcribe the Pelican Hills Hotel restaurant menus. What I love about this job is not only helping with the transcribing but the very important menu itself. I am working with a menu company to custom make the covers exactly like they have but in the standard size to fit the Braille Menu. The feel of the menu when it is presented and the way it is presented is very important. It’s our pleasure to offer menu printing in alternative formats to you so that your company can serve the visually impaired community.  Imagine a visually impaired person is at your host stand right now.  Can you provide them with the best of service and the respect and dignity of independence?  With the help of Braille Awards, Document and Menu Transcribing, you can proudly show them and others how much you value their business, by having accessible Braille menus, important documents(or large print menus) ready and available for them.  Imagine the positive response of your sighted customers when they see you care enough to provide alternative menus or important documents for those with visual impairments.

Become Efficient – Having a time-crunched server reading a menu to someone who is visually impaired is not efficient.  Or when the visual impaired customer comes to you and they have to sign important documents. How nice that you took the time to have them transcribed into “their” words.

Improve Customer Service – By allowing your patrons who are blind and visually impaired access to your menus or documents, you’ve not only empowered them, but made them feel comfortable in a place they may otherwise not be comfortable.  Happy visitors = repeat customers to your restaurant or business.  After all, people don’t like to frequent places where they are not comfortable.

The fact that they do not have to be read to like a child is a reason why all restaurants and business should be required to have on hand Braille menus or Braille Documents. We all love to be independent and how thoughtful the restaurants and business that have taken the extra step to provide  Braille menus or documents.  We’ll translate your menu or documents into Braille or Large Print and deliver it to you bound with a durable cover. You can send us your menu or documents in a variety of formats including CD-ROM, e-mail attachment or regular mail. Does your menu change often? No problem – we can make the necessary edits and send you the updated menu very quickly.

A few dots can mean the world to some people

The Orange County High School of the Arts. A Mom’s opinion

I am reading this after my kids left OCHSA and it will always be OCHSA and not OSCA or whatever it is now. I love this school I love it because it prepared my kids for the long hard road ahead. They loved it in every which way. If you can get your kid into this school do it! It is hard and wonderful and great and my list will go on and on. So ask me questions if you want but all I can say if you can dedicate getting your kid to school then do it. They will be so prepared for college and they will be better prepared for life.

I wrote this a long time ago. But truly this school is a must.

I write now with a son going into his Senior year and my daughter will soon be a Jr. They have both been at this school since 7th grade. I must say that this school is truly preparing them for the hardest of hard college. I am honored that my kids will graduate from the Orange County High School of the Arts. Keep the competition strong and fierce because it prepares you for the real world.

School started August for both my kids. My daughter is a freshman and my son a sophomore. They both started at OCHSA when they were in the 7th grade so not much has changed except I now say they are both in high school. Gee I feel old. But I want to tell you what I think of this school. I cherish the opportunity to sit in on a class or just to be on the campus of this amazing school. This OC high school is not for everyone. You child will not be on a sports team but in a conservatory. They climb stairs to their air conditioned classes in an old but made new bank building. This is my story about this wonderful school. The dancing and music in the halls is loud , exciting and infectious. It gives me the chills to be here and I love it. I could almost feel my own feet wanting to tap. Oh to be young and to have had the chance to go to a school like this. Last year I sat in for a while in my kids  math class. The kids were doing complicated math equations with I Pod music in the background. Each student had a sparkle in their eye. They were happy in class. My son’s science class was a class full of high energy and happy kids. The classes are not a lecture but a hands on creative group effort with colorful kids discovering new answers. Each student I get the chance to talk to or to see perform has found the true meaning of being happy at school. This is a school that they can be themselves, whoever they want to be. The parents here are involved and have worked very hard to prepare their children to achieve their artistic goals. You can not come to this school unless you have a strong parent. You see it is us parents that have driven these kids to their lessons and found this school for them so they can grow up be a part of the arts. This is a school that allows the student to focus on a passion that will be with them forever. They work hard to get excepted here and it is not easy to get in. My son Michael  made it into the Symphony this year and will have the chance to play at Segrestron Hall. He is a violinist and piano composer and already knows he wants to write music for the movies. Annie also plays the violin but she wants to try acting. She tried out for acting and did not make it in but this year she will take classes and try again this year.  If your child shows any creativity and you want them to be nurtured and guided to excellence then you need to look into The Orange County High School of the Arts. Kids commute as much as two hours each way just to come to this school. Good luck and remember. Practice! Practice! Practice!