All about Penny and her Passions.


I love working and I will work as long as I can. I love finding my niche when it comes to work. Travel is also a passion and I love adventure. My stories are just that, “Passionate Opinions”  My days are spent working and all my companies are here.  I am passionate about my life and my work. I am the a wife and mom of two fabulous kids going to college. Michael born 1993 is a gifted classical violinist and classical pianist who’s love is music composition.  Annie born 1995 is also a violinist but it is not her passion. She would like to be in the medical field. They both attended the Orange County High School of the Arts and they loved it!  Now they are students a Chapman University. I am very fortunate to be able to travel intensely. My adventures benefit you because I am always on the go to someplace interesting. Enjoy my stories and my opinions.

Call me (949) 631-5596 in California or email me

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