Braille Restaurant Menus and Document Transcribing

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When the economy slowed down I needed to speed up my ideas. On my Birthday January 4th, 2009 I started Braille Awards and Menu transcribing. This so happens to be the day the Louis Braille was born over 200 years ago. I needed to find a niche that I would be passionate about. When my kids were in middle school they had a blind skier come to the school and talk about himself being blind and his love for skiing. They gave this remarkable young man a beautiful certificate…. but it was behind glass. I knew I wanted to create awards for the blind.  Braille transcribing has become a necessity. The most crucial fact of the matter is that visually impaired people cannot enjoy an independent dining experience without Braille menus and they can not feel independent if an important document has to be read to them. So this is what I do now. Well, I should say one of many jobs I do. This is what makes my job fun. I received a call from the Irvine Company to transcribe the Pelican Hills Hotel restaurant menus. What I love about this job is not only helping with the transcribing but the very important menu itself. I am working with a menu company to custom make the covers exactly like they have but in the standard size to fit the Braille Menu. The feel of the menu when it is presented and the way it is presented is very important. It’s our pleasure to offer menu printing in alternative formats to you so that your company can serve the visually impaired community.  Imagine a visually impaired person is at your host stand right now.  Can you provide them with the best of service and the respect and dignity of independence?  With the help of Braille Awards, Document and Menu Transcribing, you can proudly show them and others how much you value their business, by having accessible Braille menus, important documents(or large print menus) ready and available for them.  Imagine the positive response of your sighted customers when they see you care enough to provide alternative menus or important documents for those with visual impairments.

Become Efficient – Having a time-crunched server reading a menu to someone who is visually impaired is not efficient.  Or when the visual impaired customer comes to you and they have to sign important documents. How nice that you took the time to have them transcribed into “their” words.

Improve Customer Service – By allowing your patrons who are blind and visually impaired access to your menus or documents, you’ve not only empowered them, but made them feel comfortable in a place they may otherwise not be comfortable.  Happy visitors = repeat customers to your restaurant or business.  After all, people don’t like to frequent places where they are not comfortable.

The fact that they do not have to be read to like a child is a reason why all restaurants and business should be required to have on hand Braille menus or Braille Documents. We all love to be independent and how thoughtful the restaurants and business that have taken the extra step to provide  Braille menus or documents.  We’ll translate your menu or documents into Braille or Large Print and deliver it to you bound with a durable cover. You can send us your menu or documents in a variety of formats including CD-ROM, e-mail attachment or regular mail. Does your menu change often? No problem – we can make the necessary edits and send you the updated menu very quickly.

A few dots can mean the world to some people


Awards are important this is why I started

ocsst08Awards…Did you know that this is one of my greatest passions? Awards yup the ones that you should receive when you have gone above and beyond. Here is the story.  I used to work for a company and I was in sales. In fact I was their top sales person for this year. I was very excited. The hubby was staying home with the kids, I had a new dress and my hair was styled. I drove to Palm Springs from Newport Beach and was singing all the way. I arrived in time to socialize with people I only saw at these functions. The evening was about to begin. By the way, this event was an award ceremony for the promotional product industry. The awards in the past were nice. But I was starting to line up the same awards year after year. I must admit I was hoping for something different. When you’re  in this industry you are aware of what is available. The evening started. This year they gave all of us leather portfolios. I sell these so I had several but this one was nice and had my name debossed on it. The next awards were also leather portfolios. Gee I had two now. Soon the time came for the big awards to be handed out. I was called on stage and a speech began about how well I did and what I accomplished. I felt so special. Then it became clear that I was not going to receive anything special. They handed me a bigger 256641401portfolio and I look at it and my name is not spelled correctly and it is just handed to me. The audience was applauding and then they said to me oh and you also are being awarded the highest volume stellar award. They handed me the exact same thing they gave me for highest volume. I now had four leather portfolios that were stacked on the table. No special presentation or packaging. I was not impressed. I did not feel special. I was not honored for all my hard work. I enjoyed seeing my old friends and we all discussed they way they  presented the awards. I did not feel that the company put any thought into the awards for the evening and they were in the business. So I drive home the next day and come into the house with my awards. I express to my husband what had happened and he said, “why don’t you become an Awardpro”. This is the day that Awardpro was born. I want to make a difference. To be continued…








As I read what I wrote many years ago. I am honored to say, “business is good”. Call us or I am here for you to make that award special.